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The Iraq conflict and international law

Athens, 18 March 2003

in cooperation with the Hellenic Society of International Law & International Relations

An evening event dedicated on the practical impact of the Iraq conflict on international law, organized as a joint event by both scientific societies of international lawyers in the country.

Ass’t Professor Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos and Professor Antonis Bredimas, both of the University of Athens, dealt with issues pertaining to ius ad bellum and the origins of the Iraq conflict. Ass’t Professor Photini Pazartzis, University of Athens; Professor Angelos Yokaris, University of Athens; and Professor Stelios Perrakis, Panteion University, dealt with questions of humanitarian law and the law of occupation arising in the context of ius in bello, during the Iraq conflict.

The conclusions of this highly attended event were expertly presented by Professor Arghyrios Fatouros, University of Athens.

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Download this file (2003_Iraq.pdf)Programme of the event[Η ΣΥΡΡΑΞΗ ΣΤΟ ΙΡΑΚ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΔΙΕΘΝΕΣ ΔΙΚΑΙΟ]