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Combatting corruption in international law

Athens, 3 February 2012

in cooperation with the Faculty of Law, University of Athens

A Conference organized on the occasion of the Phase 3 evaluation of Greece by the Working Group on Bribery, Organization of Economic Cooperation and De-velopment. 
Under the chairmanship of Professor Spyros Flogaitis, University of Athens, it brought together a number of speakers with practical experience in anti-corruption matters to discuss the legal framework for combatting corruption in international and selected areas of domestic law. 
Speakers included:
  • Maria Gavouneli, Ass’t Professor, University of Athens and vice-chair, Working Group against Corruption, OECD:
    Corruption as an issue in international law: The legal framework
  • William Loo, Working Group on Bribery, OECD Secretariat:
    The OECD Convention on combatting bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions: An overview
  • Yannis Androulakis, Lecturer, University of Athens, national contact-point, UN Convention against Corruption
    The criminalization of corruption in international and domestic law
  • Christos Gortsos, Associate Professor, Panteion University, Secretary-General, Hellenic Banks Association
    Combatting corruption as a goal for the banking industry
  • Dr. Ioannis Karkalis, Assistant General Commissioner of the State, Hellenic Court of Audit
    The contribution of the Court of Audit in combatting corruption: New and older issues and prospects
  • Leandros Rakintzis, Inspector-General for Public Administrator
    The tools for combatting corruption in the public sector  
Numerous members of the audience participated in a lively discussion.
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